Wednesday, August 2, 2017

"May all the crosses of your life become as a bouquet of Roses." - Padre Pio

In this entry Padre Pio speaks to us of an experience which is so common to human life especially for those who suer, he relates of his own extreme desolation and how dicult it is to bear this agony; he describes it as being in a wilderness.

Yet, deep within his spirit, the padre is aware of a feeble light that penetrates and allows him to feel the presence of the Father. Notice that despite the agony and darkness of suering deep within in the apex of his spirit he feels the stirrings a gentle spring breeze—this is a touch of grace from above.

In all our suerings if we be still before Him in Deep Silence and expectant faith, we will know His touch and the breeze of Heaven.
Spend time reading and meditating on these penetrating words from Padre Pio:

 “Our good Jesus has placed my soul in extreme desolation and I find it dicult to think that I am living the life of Gods children.  I am in a wilderness where my soul knows no comfort in these moments of trepidation and hope.

 Now and again a most feeble light penetrates from above, just enough to reassure my poor should that all is being directed by Divine Providence and that through joy and tears the heavenly Father is leading me by inscrutable secret ways to the end he has in view.  This is nothing else than the perfection of my soul and its union with God.  But then, alas, a little later my poor soul is plunged into a more tragic desolation than before.

 I cannot understand how one can live when our blessed God places the soul in such straits.  All I can say is that my soul in this state seems to glimpse a concealed hand which can be none other than the hand of God.  Moreover, at the apex of my spirit I feel, like the stirring of a gentle spring breeze, the divine Masters most beautiful assurance that not a hard of our heads will perish without the permission of our heavenly Father, that he watches over the soul with fatherly love and that when he tries it by similar desolation he invariably does so out of love and for the soul's perfection.”   (Letters, I, #264)

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  1. Thanks be to God that I have never experienced the "extreme desolation" of which the holy Padre speaks. It sounds terrifying! St Pio's words are a reminder to me that I am not alone -- that Jesus is always at my side, and wants me to trust in Him -- in whatever trial or suffering I find myself.


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